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 Hi. I'm Dave Link, your friendly neighborhood Mac Support guy.

I offer Apple consulting services and private lessons for individuals, creative professionals, and small businesses in the Burlington, Vermont area. I provide technical support, advice and even Mac and iOS lessons tailored specifically for you .

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A little about myself...

A Photo of Dave Link and his iPhone A Photo of Dave Link and his iPhone

A little about myself...

When I was very young, I had a fascination with pushing buttons. Large, small, red, blue whatever…

In the third grade, I was able to get my hands on this crazy machine called the "Macintosh." I played around with the paint program and was immediately in love. I didn't get my own Mac until 1998 when my father finally caved and bought an Orange iMac for the family. I learned everything about that computer in a week.

After about a month, my computer teacher in school started asking me for help when he was confused and thus began the start of my venture into Mac consulting. Needless to say, I already knew that I was going to be answering peoples' computer questions for a really long time.

While attending the University of Vermont, I had the pleasure of working at Small Dog Electronics in South Burlington as a retail sales associate. During those years, I interacted with every type of Apple user out there.

What really resonated with me was the way that people care about their Macs and other Apple devices as if it's their friend. We truly have relationships with these devices. I think that this dynamic stems from the fact that we are using them to enhance our creative outlets (whether it be music, photography, writing, sharing etc..) to the point where the technology becomes less of a product and more of a lifestyle.

I feel that this is what makes Apple users so passionate about their computers. My goal is to help you build that relationship with your Mac and tailor your digital lifestyle to enhance your creative passions.

Let me push your Mac's buttons so it doesn't end up pushing yours.


Here are some examples of what I can help you with.

iPhone icon

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

  • General Use and setup
  • iTunes syncing
  • Support for specific third party apps
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendar setup and sync (Via iTunes, iCloud and Google)
  • iTunes Match
  • Apple ID's
  • iOS Jailbreaking and customization
  • Controlling your Mac with iOS devices
iMac icon

Macs and Macintosh OSX

  • New Mac setup
  • Switching from Windows to Mac
  • Running Windows Operating System on Mac (Boot Camp, Parallels, VMWare Fusion)
  • Data Transfer, file organization, duplicate file removal
  • Network configuration (wireless printing, file sharing, screen sharing, server setup)
  • Safe and secure backup solutions
  • Data Recovery Solutions
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendar setup (iCloud sync)
  • iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband etc..)
  • iCloud (Sync, Photostream, iTunes Match)
  • General system maintenance, cleaning
  • Operating System updates (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
  • Support for third party applications (Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office etc...)
  • Support for setup and use of third party accessories
  • Help finding uses for old Macs and equipment
Apple TV icon

Apple Home Theater

  • Apple TV setup and configuration (Airplay Mirroring, Home Sharing, etc..)
  • Airplay setup (wireless speakers)
  • Using your HDTV as a Monitor for your Mac
  • Airplay Mirroring (Wirelessly mirror your Mac or iOS device's screen to your HDTV)
  • Streaming all movies and home videos from your Mac to your HDTV

Want to hire me? Get in touch!

E-mail me at dave@davelinkvt.com

Give me a call or shoot me a text @ 802.881.3235

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